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Winamp/iPod video problem


Just bought an iPod video 30G to replace my old Sansa e250.    Rockbox installed, no problem and works great on Linux with Amarok but Winamp on Windows is giving a problem.
Winamp insists on treating the player like an out of the box iPod rather than a media player on USB.  Now Explorer mounts the player as an R: drive and I can add R:\Music to the list of folders containing Local media but when I try to configure the Nullsoft USB device plugin Winamp just seems to ignore it.  No error when I select the drive, no error when I connect, but it doesn't show up as a device either.  I didn't have this problem with the Rockboxed Sansa.

I've tried removing the iPod plugin and that does prevent Winamp from treating the device as an iPod but it still doesn't mount the USB device.

There are plenty of these iPods out there so I can't imagine being the only person to have this problem.
Any ideas?


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