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sansa c240 problems

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Running windows xp I have a sansa c240 I've run the bootloader and rockbox utility in MSC mode also added the extras. then when I go to unplug and reboot sansa I get rockbox logo blinking non stop. when I hold down the center button I get nothing and when I hold down the left button I get my original firmware. Whats wrong with rockbox?

What does "blinking non stop" exactly mean? Also, please be more exact with terms. Rockbox Utility is a PC application and won't run on your player. If you copied its binary to the player (which you can of course do), installed the bootloader and the extras you definitely missed installing the main Rockbox build. But I guess you haven't put the Rockbox Utility binary on your player but meant you installed Rockbox.

okay when I start rockbox on my sansa the rockbox logo is blinking. don't know how to explain any better. I ran the complete installation and also the minimal still can't get rockbox to start.

If you hold down the "Right" button is there text? If so, what does it say?

yes there is text

rockbox bootloader
version 5.0
sandisk sansa c200
partition 0: 0x06 959
partition 1: 0x084 20 M
 Loading rockbox...
Can't load rockbox .mi4
File not found


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