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We try to keep the forums organized, so as Lloreans says, please read the forum guidelines and the stickies in each forum before posting.


--- Quote from: Llorean on June 12, 2009, 01:32:27 PM ---You're supposed to read the guidelines before your first post, as you agreed to when registering.

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Holy crap, I did read them all, thats why I went to General because 3rd party sounded like add ons and integration, I was looking for a noobs section because I realized it was kind of outside a specific realm and since there was no noob section I went to general which said if you don't know where to post  then it goes here and they can be distributed to their appropriate forums.

I was just hoping to find someone that would say OMG, I just went through something similar, I used app X for this and app Y for that.  I can figure all these things out on my own and I will, I was just hoping for some insider info on how to do it the fastest or even the best phrases to use when searching google (since my rockbox vocabulary may not be on par).  If this thread is a waste and no one out there will have any answers then go ahead and delete it but I already have more info than I started with so for that I thank this forum.

There's also a UsefulTools page in the wiki which contains links to various utilities that you may find useful.


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