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We're looking at refactoring the current tagnavi file which is responsible for the default layout of the "Database" screen in Rockbox.

It may be that a lot of you out there have customised your tagnavi files in interesting ways, but there's currently no formal way to share these with other users, and so we have no visiblity of changes people make.

It's also the case that the tagnavi syntax takes a bit of getting used to, so some users may be daunted by the prospect of trying to change it, and would welcome submissions from other more capable users that provide more complex ways of viewing their music / podcasts.

If you fall into either of these cases, please give us a "Yes" above, so that we can measure interest in this. It's possible going forward that we may find a way to share these customisations in the same way we do with themes at the moment - but only if there is sufficient interest.

If you don't use the database at all, could you please answer with the latter option, since we don't want to get a lot of "No" votes from people who never use the feature and skew the results.

Finally, if you're absolutely happy with the way the database is laid out now - please answer no.

Thanks everyone!

I'd find it useful if multiple tagnavi.config files could be used as the root menu.  IIUC, currently they can only be included as submenus (e.g. under "Custom").

Maybe have the database read tagnavi.* or tag*.config and auto-concatenate them?  Does a tagnavi change require a database rebuild?


Tagnavi changes shouldn't require a database rebuild. The tagnavi basically just tells it what order to run through the existing database files.

Maybe concatenate tagnavi.1.config, tagnavi.2.config, tagnavi.3.config, etc?

Count me in if you need a hand with setting up examples or tutorials etc.
As an enthusiastic database user since day one (because of coming to Rockbox from the Rio Karma) and a sometime-maintainer of the DataBase wiki page, I'd like to be involved.

I'm amazed at the lack of attention this thread has drawn from our user base :(


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