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install Rockbox on "factory settings" ipod photo?

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--- Quote from: PickupBetty on June 11, 2009, 01:43:38 PM ---No, the installer does not detect my ipod at all.  I've tried manually configuring it (should be E: drive and ipod pod photo), but no luck.  Autodetect also cannot find it.
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Well, then it won't install the bootloader. Please post the output of the About / System Info dialog.

--- Quote ---When I click "My Computer" then "E:/", I get something like "Cannot read this drive.  Do you want to reformat it?"
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This sounds like the filesystem is broken. Another option would be the filesystem being HFS+ -- did Apple Store tell you anything about this factory resetting thing? I could imagine they assume you using it on a Mac, thus using HFS+.

I assume you mean the About/etc from the Help tab on my browser, not from the ipod my computer wants to format (I'm not incredibly computer savvy). 

Also, looking back I see how poorly I expressed myself.  When I said I'd named my ipod, etc, I meant years ago, not after this factory settings restore.  I've only changed the date and time.

No, bluebrother meant the About/System Info menu item in Rockbox Utility.

Oh, thanks, Godeater.

Here it is:

Windows version 5.1, build 2600 (Service Pack 3)
Attached USB devices
VID: 0a81 PID: 0205, PS2 to USB Converter
VID: 0f62 PID: 1001, USB & PS/2 Mouse
C:\, 174199 MiB available
D:\, 0 MiB available


And also, I seem to remember the Apple Store guy asking if I had a Mac or PC.  But it was about 6 weeks ago, so my memory is a bit hazy.  (I had battery trouble, had to wait a long time for one, then installed it.  Hope that didn't have anything to do with all this)

This doesn't show neither an Ipod at all nor an assigned drive letter. Does the Ipod show up in Explorer at all?


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