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Gigabeat F/40 Bricked! No HDD system after installing and can't uninstall!


I picked up a used F/40 that was fully working and wanted to try RockBox via a Windows XP install.
The .RockBox folder is there, but any (hidden) boot folder is completely gone!  I double checked that my hidden files were supposed top be showing...and the folder isn't there.

So I tried to uninstall RockBox and it says it can't find the file.

I did restart the unit several times by (1) unplugging the USB, (2) unplugging the AC power, (3) powering down , (4) switching the battery to "off " and then back to "on" and (5) powering up.   No results.

It gets worse...  I tried to install the firmware upgrade to 3.0 to get back to the original OS, and now it just loops on booting and I can't even access the drive.  Any remedies short of shooting it?    TIA John

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