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install my dutch SAPI 5 TTS engine


Piet Melenhorst:
Last week I installed Rockbox in my Ipod video 60 Gb. I love it as it is very versatile.
I have Windows XP SP 2 on my desktop and a SAPI 5 dutch tts engine called Fluency TTS. I installed this engine in the speech settings to replace Microsoft Sam.
My problem is that I cannot get my Fkuency engine active in the Rockbox utility in the Acessanility area.
Can anybody help?
Piet Melenhorst

You will have to revert to Rockbox Utility version 1.2 for the time being.

There are other threads in this and the Voice Forum.

Piet Melenhorst:
Hi BruceHP,
Many thanks for your advice, but I searched for a while and did not find version 1.2.
Could you tell me where to find?

Try this, I just edited the DL URL:

I didn't test this.

Added:  I also don't know how the fixes in 1.2.1 might effect the Rockbox installation section so you might only want to use 1.2 for your Voice and Talk clips.

Piet Melenhorst:
I am most grateful as  it worked finr with version 1.2
Thanks a lot for your help


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