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Install can't find C200(250)


Relatively unsophisticated, but trying to install Rockbox on C250. Can't detect. Cannot figure out how to fix this.  Attempt gets "configuration invalid" Config window shows Sandisk C200 but if I click on it, nothing happens. Will not autodetect. Next screen shows C drive and other USB devices, but not the C250 which appears in My Computer as portable media player. Connection to PC "works" as I have been able to populate with CD's, via Windows Media Player, after having installed CD's with Winamp and ended up with MPEG4's, which I cannot play with the C250. Hence my interest in rockbox.   

The player must NOT appear as portable media player in explorer but get its own drive letter. Change the USB settings on the player to "MSC". "MTP" is wrong.

You may need to read this:

It's best to remove the music you loaded in MTP and reload it after to have Rockbox properly installed.


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