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Searching for the Rockbox 3.1 release

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For this reason i want to rollback to 3.1

i had no luck with:
Does anyone know where i can find it?


Thank you,
3.1 revived my m:robe  :)

spoekes, I think there's some confusion as to what's causing the problem.  I found, as per the topic you linked, that the problem with installing 3.2 lay in Rockbox Utility not saving the Rockbox bootloader as PP5020.mi4 to the MR-100's /system/ folder.  After rectifying this situation I was able to load Rockbox 3.2 without trouble.

I do not know why installing Rockbox 3.1 via the Utility works for you.  I posted a bug report at FS#10225 detailing my findings regarding a missing PP5020.mi4 (only OF.mi4 present) after telling Rockbox Utility to install the bootloader.  Exactly what did you do to install Rockbox 3.1 versus Rockbox 3.2?

Edit: See the task at FS#10221 instead.  I should have searched before posting.

hi Chronon,

i didn't use the utility, i did a manual Installation with the 3.1.
because the utility always worked correctly in the past i made a false assumption about the 3.2.
Perhaps the error in the utility was invoked by insufficent space on the player.


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