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installer thinks I am using a macpod?


For some reason, the installer thinks I have a Macpod, but I have restored it on a windows system, it is in FAT32...what am I missing?

give us a dump of the first 512 bytes of the disk and we'll have a look!

You could try using ipodpatcher (linked in the "manual installation" section of the manual).  If this detects a macpod, it allows you to override and install the bootloader anyway.

But I also recall a bug in Rockbox Utility that will mis-detect an ipod as a macpod, and in those situations, ipodpatcher doesn't make the same mistake (which is hard to explain, as they share the same code).  So using ipodpatcher may just work anyway.

Looks like this is the same as described here which is the task linuxstb mentioned:

Providing a dump of the first 512 bytes of the disk (before running ipodpatcher on it and afterwards) could be helpful.


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