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Editor for .pat files?


I don't know if this is the necessary place to post this, but here goes. Is there any way to easily edit . pat files to sound different? I was playing some midi tracks and I noticed that the distortion guitar pat file was, well, inaccurate to say the least. There are a few other midi instruments that I want to improve, but first I need to know if its even possible, and if there is a .pat file editor out there. Thanks for any info.

I moved this to the Third Party: Other Utilities forums since you are asking about 3rd party applications to modify .pat files.  It appears that a .pat file has a special header with WAV samples inside of it.  You may be able to find a tool to extract the WAV and insert your own.  I don't know any more than that.  This is probably a job for Google.

Ok. Once again, thanks for the help. :)

that was a good help! i also experiencing the same problem! good to have you  here!


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