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rbutil won't recognize an iPod Video 80GB

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Hi all. A friend of mine owns an 80-gig iPod Video and asked me to install Rockbox on it. But when I tried to, the Rockbox utility didn't recognize the player. It said "Detected an unsupported Apple player variant. Sorry, Rockbox doesn't run on your player." This happens under both Windows and Linux. The iPod is mounted OK and I run rbutil as root. ipodpatcher didn't recognize the player neither.

Any ideas ?

I'm guessing that you're trying to install Rockbox on an 80 GB iPod Classic.  Rockbox does not run on that platform.

How do I distinguish both players ?

EDIT : you're right, it's a Classic one. "About iPod" shows "Model : MB147". According to Google, MB147 is iPod Classic.

The classic has a metalish faceplate and album scrolling in the OF.

The video has a glossy, acyrilc faceplate and no album scrolling.

Here is a picture of the two, left being a classic and right being a video:

Thanks, now I see.
As I saw on different forums, I'm not the only one trying to install RB on an iPod Classic. Is there some progress porting RB to this model ?


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