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Installation on a iHP-140 - firmware trouble.


Edit - I have resolved the issue - I needed to put the patched firmware that included the bootloader on the iRiver. Although explicit in the manual, I don't think that was hugely clear in the information included in the utility - perhaps it might be spelled out in big neon flashing letters for simpletons like myself?

I am trying to install Rockbox using the utility on an iriver iHP-140. I downloaded the hex file for the most recent firmware I could find (v1.66). When I go through the process using the utility it tells me something along the lines of "Installation is almost complete - I need to safely disconnect the unit, reboot it, upgrade the firmware and reboot it"

Now I have upgraded the firmware, to go through the installation process again, to be told the same thing. I don't quite understand what I am doing wrong - I have checked and the firmware is definitely the most up to date version. I've searched the forum for information on this topic and couldn't see anything pertinent.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have heard great things about rockbox and look forward to enjoying it.




So you are saying Rockbox Utility didnt copy the patched firmware to your player ? It should have done that for you.

It asks for the players firmware doesn't state it needs the patched version - I gave  the unpatched one to the utility and got the problem. When that didn't work I read the manual and dl'd the firmware patcher - then when it asked for the firmware I gave it the original again (as I didn't know what it did with it), then manually put the patched firmware in the root folder and updated from it - giving me the option to boot rockbox or the original firmware.

I do hope that is clear!


--- Quote from: RockboxMePlease on May 03, 2009, 10:24:36 AM ---It asks for the players firmware doesn't state it needs the patched version
--- End quote ---
Rockbox Utility does not need a patched version of the original firmware. You need to provide a firmware file of the original firmware in unmodified form. It will then patch that file and put it on your player. All you need to do afterwards it to turn on the player and perform a firmware upgrade. This should be explained in the installation hint that gets displayed after the bootloader file has been patched and placed on the player.

--- Quote ---I gave  the unpatched one to the utility and got the problem.
--- End quote ---
Please be more specific here. It should have placed a patched firmware file on the player (given the fact that none was present on the player -- it won't overwrite an already present firmware file).


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