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Installation error message: "Permission for disc access denied!"

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I formatted my 5G video iPod in MS-DOS (FAT32) and it has a mount point, but, when I try to run the "Complete Installation" in rockbox utility 1.2.1, it comes up with error message "No Ipod detected / Permission for disc access denied!" How do I change the permissions on the disc, or other wise remedy this? (I am on Mac OSX as an admin.)


First question: Where is rbutil located (what folder)?

I'll give you the solution once I know.

It is in a folder on the desktop. /Users/Dylan/Desktop/Rockbox

Open a Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal in the Finder), then type the following:

--- Code: ---user@whatever$ cd Desktop/Rockbox

user@whatever$ sudo open

--- End code ---

That should give rbutil the required root access.

Note that you only type what's *after* the "$ " above! The rest is just the bash prompt.

Did as you said and the utility opened, but same error message came up. Any other suggestions? Thanks.


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