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Ok, here we go. I have a sandisk sansa e280 with an 8 gb micro sd card. I like to listen to podcasts a lot, but I haven't found a rss feed down loader and synchronization software in 1. Currently I use Juice and Windows Media player, but window media can't handle certain media types and the transition from juice download to windows media to sansa is cumbersome. I am looking for a software that not only downloads rss feeds, but synchronizes it to a rock boxed sansa (I'm trying sansamonkey and fire ant now) Also, juice handles videos, but I have to convert it with winff which doesn't work with many file types. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Thanks ;)

you could try MediaMonkey, but make sure the device settings are set to something like Mass Storage device

I'm using MusicBee. The only thing that disappoints me is that, when I drag playlist to my sansa, it doesn't preserve folders' structure  :(

I gave a try to SongBird, but I have a feeling that it forces me to copy all the stuff I have to one place. I have an external hard drive with all the music, and yet another external hard drive with yet another music files. Songbird doesn't even track recently played files unless I added them from these devices to the library, but this effectively copies files to My Music folder :(

I didn't give a try to MediaMonkey yet, but I feel like its AutoDJ is available only in paid version.

Any other good free organizers?

I've been using 'doubletwist' to sync.  For me this is a decent solution because I'm pretty stuck with iTunes (i'd love switch to something else, but can't find a good contender that ALSO syncs with my player).  So i manage my audio with iTunes and then sync to my sansadisk+ with doubletwise which draws everything out of iTunes.  The only thing I have to do after syncing is to make sure that the playlists are moved to the playlist folder.  Otherwise syncing preserves folder structures, which is great.  It also has an RSS feature, but i haven't tried it out.
it no longer seems to be updated, however (though i can't be sure...).  The group seems to be concentrating on it's Android version of the software instead.  But that's my recommendation.

I think I wanted to like MediaMonkey or Musicbee, but I couldn't keep them (or whichever one) not looking beyond my music folder for music.  That was very frustrating to me.


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