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I have the 20GB Jukebox recorder with the latest version of Rockbox and recently no sound has been coming out of  the Recorder.

The hard disk seems OK and the files seem to be playing, but no sound is coming out. I have changed earphones, reset settings, upgraded Rockbox, and even went back to original Archos firmware with no luck.

Up until now, the unit had been working well for over a year. Any ideas? Thanks.

A broken headphone jack, perhaps?

Possibly- but being a newbie ( :), I am wondering how to proceed from here. I rarely tinker with the guts of things, usually I just throw them away or forget about it.

But the Jukebox has really been working well and I figured someone on the Forum might possibly suggest a game plan, something similar to helping a passenger land an airplane after the pilot takes ill...


Well, first of all, do you hear anything if you wiggle the earphone plug while inserted?

Sorry for asking the obvious:
- correct jack being used?
- volume up?
- "reset settings" tried?
- Archos firmware also silent?
- digital out working? (If you have something to connect there)



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