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Have you actually opened the zip file you linked? It already contains the flash file. Also, there is still the IriverBoot wiki page around.


It looks like the best option is for you to manually install the bootloader and RockBox files.  You will be pleased to find that this process really is pretty easy.

1.  Download the file that you linked.  When you unzip it, you will have a file named H300.hex.  As I mentioned above, it is for Japanese version 1.29J, rather than Korean version 1.31K.  RockBox is not compatible with version 1.31K anyway, and this is the only version of the firmware that has been patched to enable the CF modification for the iriver H300 series.  So unless you can program your own firmware patch, this is your only choice.  But don't worry, it's a good one.  It is a complete, already-patched firmware, so you do not have to mess with fwpatcher.exe.

2.  Copy the H300.hex file to the root directory of your iriver's hard drive, over-writing the H300.hex that is already there (which I gather is your 1.31K version).

3.  Use the iriver's built-in procedure for "upgrading the firmware".  Be sure to connect the player to AC current with its adaptor, so you don't run out of battery power in mid-upgrade.  Turn on the player, and press and hold the NAVI button for a couple of seconds to open the Menu screen.  Select the "General" submenu.  Cursor down to the "Firmware Upgrade" option and select it with the NAVI button.  The player will display a pop-up asking if you are sure you want to do this.  Select yes and push the NAVI button again.  Do not disconnect the adaptor or shut off the player until it finishes upgrading the firmware on its own.  It will take a minute or two, then shut itself off when done.

4.  Go to Downloads\Releases\Manual Install on this website and download the zip file for the iriver H320/H340.  At the bottom of that page you will see where you can download the RockBox fonts.  Do it.  Download the Manual too.  Go to Downloads\themes\iriver H3xx, pick one or more themes that appeal to you and download it/them.

5.  Put your CF card in a card reader to load RockBox, the font set, and your preferred theme(s) onto it.  It's faster to load them on the card using a reader before installing the card, rather than installing your card into the player and then loading RockBox using the USB cable.  Follow the instructions in your Manual for how to manually load RockBox with its files all put in their proper places.

6.  Replace the hard drive in your iriver player with the CF card and its adaptor, following the instructions on the CF Mod wiki page.

You should then be ready to enjoy your CF-modded iriver!



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