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If I use Rockbox Utility v3.2, Can I create firmware that boot both original firmware (H300(kor)_V131) and Rockbox firmware with compact flash?

How do I create this

I have used this particular to make the compact flash modification on several iriver H300 players, with several different CF cards.  It is a modification of the Japanese version of the original firmware (version 1.29J, if I remember right), rather than the Korean one.  I believe it has the same functionality of the Korean, plus the bootloader modifications needed to allow use of the compact flash.  Download it to your computer, unzip it, copy it to the root directory of your iriver's hard drive, and re-flash your firmware following the iriver instructions.  I haven't used RBUtil to install the bootloader, so I don't know if it has a routine for picking the bootloader from the CF Mod wiki rather than using the standard one.

As long as you are using your hard drive, your iriver firmware will work just fine as before.  And you can load Rockbox and use that too.  It will be the default, but you can hold down the record button as you press the on button, and it will boot into the original iriver firmware instead of Rockbox.

Once you replace the hard drive with the compact flash, the iriver firmware will not recognize the compact flash as a drive, even though Rockbox does.  You can still use the iriver firmware to listen to the radio, or to take advantage of its handy screen messages during battery charging -- i.e., CHARGING.....COMPLETE!.  But the iriver firmware will say CHECK HDD CONNECTION, its way of claiming you have no drive, and it will not access the CF card.

For all I know, but I like the latest version, How do I create this

What is special about this firmware?

First, there is no Rockbox Utility 3.2. Second, Rockbox Utility will always download the latest bootloader release from the download server. Thus, if you need a different bootloader you're out of luck -- unless you hack Rockbox Utility to use a different file. This is not an option in Rockbox Utility as it's kinda dangerous.

OK, manually: What bootloader should I use?, where download it? and How to create firmware Patched?

To give a clue?, Please...


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