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iPod photo won't shut off with Rockbox if it's plugged in


After recently installing Rockbox 3.2 on my iPod photo (4th Gen), I've noticed that I can't shut my iPod off, with RB in use, then plug it into an outlet to charge it's battery up without it wanting to come on. In fact, the only way I can do it is to revert back to the iPod's original firmware. Is this normal? Or could this be, possibly, the result of a bug?

The Ipods cannot be charged without the system being powered up. This is a technical restriction and not related to Rockbox -- when using the Apple firmware you have the same issue, the only difference is that Apple shuts down the LCD so it pretends to be turned off. You simply can't power the Ipod without it being running.

But how is this question related to Rockbox Utility?


The only problem I see here is Rockbox attempting to turn off while a charger is connected.  Rockbox shouldn't even try to turn off.


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