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I had rockbox on my Sansa e260.

I decided I didn't want it after a while, so I tried to delete it.  I figured since to install it I just pasted in the .rockbox folder, I could uninstall it just as easily.  However, the bootloader stayed in the sansa somewhere.  It would still try to load rockbox, and as the files were gone, it wouldn't work.  The only way to do anything with the mp3 player was to hold the "left" button as it started up to load the original firmware.

I decided that I would rather have rockbox than have to constantly hold the left button whenever I wanted to listen to music.  So, I dragged and dropped the .rockbox folder back into my Sansa, but for some reason the bootloader still wouldn't load it.  I checked, and for some reason Windows Vista (which I just switched to, great for me) won't let me start a file or folder name with a period, so it keeps changing the folder to just rockbox when I unzip it, and I can't rename it.

Can I get rid of the Sansa bootloader?  Or even just install rockbox correctly?

Why aren't you use Rockbox Utility to install Rockbox (or uninstall it)? It would have avoided  both of these problems (and you can still do either with it).

Thank you!  Using the Utility made it much easier.  I don't know why I didn't use it in the first place.

Also, the manual describes how to uninstall.


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