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Right you are: it can't be done with a USB-box. Partion Magic does it, at least for use as a USB-disk, even inside de Archos, but the Archos bios or firmware doesn't recognize the partion so it won't startup. So back to square one.
I think i follow your path: buying a IDE 2,5"to 35" adaptor. It looks like a good thing to do.
I let you know my findings.

By the way, i presume i don't have to put any data or software (loader) on the disk. I flashed my Archos with the excellent Rockbox 2.3.


It can be done for sure with an USB box, as well as in the archos itself, which is what I did when replacing the 20 GB drive in my recorder V1 for an 80 GB one. Just make sure that you create a primary partition, as logical drives within an extended partition are not recognized by rockbox (and archos ??).

Then format it with FAT32. If you disk is larger than 32 GB, you'll either need Win98/ME (with suitable USB drivers in case you are going the USB way), or a special tool like h2format, because WinXP won't let you format such a partition with FAT32.

If all that worked, it is recommended to do a full rockbox installation, although not required for booting. Rockbox will complain everytime about the missing .rockbox directory if you don't do it, and you'll certainly miss some nice functions/ features.


So it all worked out nicely! And indeed from within the Arhos.
The thing i did, and probebly did not do before (and perhaps the reason h2format didn't work) is after creating a partion from the diskmanagment-menu from WinXP, choosing not to format after creating the partion. The second step was formating using (cmd) h2format. Did it quick, though.
And yes, i imagened that i shout place the .rockbox directory on the disk right away, first thing.

Thank you all!

Peter... :D

Hi all!

I now have a different problem after replacing my original IBM 6GB-HDD with a 40GB Samsung MP0402H:
I first plugged the Jukebox in via USB, partitoned and formatted it via PartitionMagic 8.0. now the following happenes:
- when turning it on with the "good old" 1.17i flash-Bios, I can play my MP3s.
- when turning on with the 1.27d-Bios installed, it says
File system error
No valid FAT16/32 file system found
please format drive
- when turning it on with Rockbox 2.3, it says
no Fat32 Partition
P0: S:3EC1
T:F 38193 MB

can anybody help me?
thnx a lot!

Hi jason,

it looks like you created an extended partition (T:F tells this) with a logical FAT32 drive in it. This is unsupported by rockbox, and as it seems also by newer versions of the archos firmware. You need to create a primary FAT32 partiton.



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