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Replacing the harddrive

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ouh yeah, my bad...
thanx for the hint; it worked  ;D

Greets, Jason

Btw. -  I also replaced my Hitachi-20GB-Drive with a 40GB-Samsung one. Now the crashes I had are (almost) gone and I can enjoy music on my motorbike :-)


While we are on the subject, does any drive (2.5) work?  Are some less a drain on batteries?

Really aprecieate this forum and this way cool rockbox. I was ready to get an iPod before I found this...

so let me hear from those not on the mailing list (since I think I've talked to all of them about this...)

how do you go about replacing the hard drive on the V2 recorders?

From what I've heard so far it sounds way too easy/good to be true.

I also need some direction on where to shop for a hard drive and how to format it - I'm not following you guys on the whole bootdisk conversation.


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