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I want to replace the 20Gb drive from my Recorder to a 60Gb drive (Toshiba). Should i format the drive before i replace it? Do i need to format it? Is the factory-formating okay?
I read something about formating it with a kind of tool, wich can be found on the XP-install cd (because of the 40Gb limit of FAT32).
Is there a site where i can find info about this?

B.t.w.: i allready fixed some connection problems inside the Recorder (re-soldering etc), so i'm no newby in that regard.


I did the same thing, I replaced the factory 20GB with a 100GB Toshiba drive and yes you do have to format it and it must be in a FAT 32 partition.  If you have an old Windows Me book disk laying around use that. 

I used the Me disc to format the drive into one partition.  I took out all my HDDs in my tower and connected it to an IDE cable then ran the setup portion with fdisk.exe found on the floppy.  Let me tell you it takes a long time and it only says it's formatting 29,000 MB or so but it does the whole drive.  Then after you do that you can replace the drive in your mp3 player and you should be good to go.  I got an error message saying "Dir buffer is full!" so it wouldn't read anythign but this was solved by going into the options and changing the limits of the max files in a directory.  For some reason it was set at 0.

Also, to connect the 2.5in drive to your PC (I assume that's what you're going to do) you'll need a part the converts the notebook drive connector pins to those for a 3.5in drive.  I bought one off of and it worked with no problems.  Only complaint was that shipping was $9.90 for a $5 part.  Not sure if there are any in stock but this is the part you need if you plan on doing it was described above.  Any other questions just let me know, I replaced mine about a week ago and haven't had any problems since.

Here is the link:

Hope that helps,

Fred M

Thanks, that was the info i was looking for. About connecting the drive to the pc, i was planning on putting it in an USB-box (External housing)(where now also a 60Gb drive is in) an formatting it from there. I know the WinXP setup finds drives connected that way, and i can format to FAT32, but i don't know if the partion wil be readable by Arhos/Rockbox. I try anyway, noting lost if i doesn't.
A WinME bootdisk i can find at
With the same USB-box i whas planning to copy the mp3's to the new drive.

I'll keep you informed.


I'm pretty sure that XP won't let you create a FAT32 partition larger or so....which is why a boot disk was recommended.


I've never had any experiences with using a USB box to format a HD and I'm not sure if XP let's you create larger than 32GB like eriqjaffe said.  But I do know that if you do it the way I did, there will be no problems, guarenteed. 

To be honest, I wasn't aware you could even do it with a USB box....

Best of luck,

Fred M


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