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Library Management -- database syncing between desktop & Rockbox?

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I am switching back to rockbox, but am having trouble finding a suitable desktop program to use in conjunction with it.  I'm hoping to find a windows program such that I can do the following with rockbox:

   - synchronize playcounts
   - synchronize track ratings
   - synchronize album ratings
   - synchronize playlists

I have looked long and hard but am generally unable to tell, for a given program, if some combination of plugins and scripts and so on would allow me to do this or not.  Has anyone successfully done the above with Rockbox and a Windows program?  How!?

This is not an easy topic to discuss, nor is it really Rockbox-related. Whatever program you want to use to sync music to your player is entirely up to you. Most people have their own opinions as to what works for them and what doesn't, and one man's app is probably not meant for the next guy.

Just experiment with different apps until you find the one that works for you.

I am not aware of any applications that do these tasks out of the box.  Rockbox can export its database changes to a text file (provided you told it to track these things).  If you can figure out how a given desktop application stores this information then it shouldn't be too great a task to do this synchronization in each direction.

As LambdaCalculus379 pointed out, this is more of a question about 3rd party applications than about Rockbox, so I moved it to the Other Utilities forum.

Well, since interoperability depends on the behavior of both programs, and also is a factor in determining the quality of both programs, it's as much a rockbox question as it is a foobar/winamp/songbird/amarok/etc. question.

As came up on the mailing list, this might be much more feasible if rockbox wrote ratings and playcounts to the files--I've been told before that this would wear out the flash, but as the owner of a HDD player I certainly desire the option, if no other solution is available..

That being said, my hope is that at least one windows user has encountered this problem before and has found or created a solution to it--surely there is a rockbox user out there who syncs ratings to a windows machine?  This is also a basic usability issue and is probably a barrier to adoption of rockbox--I'll gladly write a guide for users if there's a way to do this with *any* program on windows..

Anyway, this issue does bear on rockbox behavior, and also on how it is marketed and documented for users.


--- Quote from: adamgolding on April 13, 2009, 05:55:16 AM ---Well, since interoperability depends on the behavior of both programs

--- End quote ---

Depends on the behaviour, but doesn't actually require any action from our side. For example, take the fact that there are many tools that sync to iPods quite comfortably despite no cooperation from Apple.

Our database code is open source, the tools are available entirely for any project to interpret and use our database format for keeping playcounts in line. At this point, the ball is in their court. So it really is a question for third-parties.

It's hardly a "basic" usability issue, since a large number of users don't feel the need to keep two separate libraries in sync. This is an advanced usability issue, and one the requires the actions of third parties to be solved. Pick your favorite open-source library management tool, and write a patch for them or a feature request.


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