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This forum may be used to post questions about third party utilities that are made to work with Rockbox. While we cannot provide any official support for them, and recommend visiting their homepages to find better information, you may be able to receive feedback from other user experience here.

All post subjects should be preceded by the name of the utility they are about. For example: "WinFF - Encoding help for e200"

If you're not asking about a specific program, please use one of these tags as the prefix:

"Video Encoding" - any program for converting video for mpegplayer
"Audio Encoding" - ripping/converting audio for use on your player
"Library Management" - syncing, creating playlists, or otherwise manipulating existing audio files to get them on your player
" Logging" - Relating to uploading logs.

If there's a category name missing, please post as "Unknown - " and post a reply to this message pointing to your topic. It will be renamed with an appropriate category name, that will be added to the list.


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