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I just upgraded to the latest version of rbutil:
Version 1.2 (SVN $Revision: 20493 $), built Mar 23 2009 18:56:22

I have a Sansa e250, which has been working fine with older versions of rbutil.

I start Rbutil, go to the "Installation" tab. Click on "Install Rockbox". Select "Current Build" and Click on "Install".

A window pops up labeled "Really continue?" with the following text:
"Problem detected:
• Target mismatch detected. Installed target: , selected target: Sansa E200."

I click on OK and it installs the current build fine (r20635).

I'm in MSC Mode with a drive letter assigned.

Autodetect works fine and the proper drive (J:) and model e200 is selected.

It's not stopping me in any way just thought I'd report it. Wasn't sure if Flyspray was the correct place for RBUtil problems.

There's an "RBUtil" category in Flyspray specifically for this when posting a task, so yes it's the correct place.

This is a known issue, though (and I *think* it's already fixed in the source, and will be fixed in the next version).

Thanks - sorry for being such a newb,

I did find the mention in the Changelog under Upcoming Releases:

"For some targets (iriver h10 5gb, ipod mini) the target mismatch detecion doesn't work correctly (FS#10055)."

It doesn't mention the Sansa. I clicked on the Flyspray link (FS#10055) and that took me to a totally unrelated entry .

Did some searching but couldn't find any results for "target mismatch".

So what I can't tell is if this was fixed for the Sansa or not.

Not sure what, if anything I should do next...

Hi.  The wrong number got reported, apparently.  It was FS#10061.  The Flyspray ticket only mentions the H10, so I'm not sure if it's fixed for other models either.

It should be fixed for all players. But its only in SVN, we really should make a new release :-)


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