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POSTING IN THIS FORUM (New Ports rules!)


Follow these or your post may be deleted!

This forum is for discussion of development of new Rockbox ports only.  Everything else is off topic and belongs elsewhere.

1) Don't ask for someone to do a port for you. Ports are NOT done on request.

2)  Read the NewPort wiki page and the Device Status wiki pages.  
The wiki explains how ports work, who does them, whats already been done and what you can do to help.  Read it first please.

3)  Each player gets one thread.  
If there is no post for your player of interest, you may start a thread. But discussion should then be of what is necessary to make the port happen, not "how great it would be" to have that port.  The first post is what everyone will see, so try and make it as informative as possible, preferably with a link to the Wiki page.

Examples of clear, well written first posts:,28345.0.html,26284.0.html

4)  Don't ask for progress reports.  
People have been very good about keeping the Device Status Wiki up to date, and of course any breakthroughs will be reported in the thread.  If you don't see any changes to the wiki or posts to the thread, there's probably nothing to report.

5)  Don't ask what you can do to help.  
We have a very nice NewPort wiki page explaining how ports are developed.    Read through it, and the device wiki, figure out what needs to be done, and then pitch in.  If you don't see anything you can do to help, and no one has asked for help, then theres probably nothing you can do.

6)  Don't post about the original firmware.  
We use Rockbox here, not the original firmware, so we don't care what cool new feature it has.  If you want to see it in Rockbox, get to work, or ask about it elsewhere in the proper forum.

7)  Don't post just to say thanks.  
Theres a lot of people reading the forum, and if all of them commented on everything, the threads would be difficult to follow.  So please just privately thank people if they help you in order to keep this forum clear.

8)  Don't ask for tech support.  
All devices in New Ports are unsupported, so don't ask for tech support.  If you break your player during development, and fix it, please put what you did on the Wiki if you think its useful.  If you have questions, IRC is a great place to ask.  But please do not clutter threads here with detailed back and forth trouble shooting non-development related problems.

9)  Useful information goes in the wiki.  
Information posted in threads gets lost quickly.  If something is useful (tech documents, scans, code, reverse engineering) it should go in the Wiki or our patch tracker.  Please don't post it in forums threads without updating the wiki so that important details don't get lost.

10)  Don't ask generic development questions.  We have a Getting Started and Compiling forum for help getting into Rockbox development.  You'll be helped more quickly if you post there.

11)  Please do not ask for help installing builds.  
Again, all New Ports threads are about unsupported devices.  Installation instructions are typically posted to the Wiki.  If we don't provide a prebuilt rockbox binary or install tools, its generally because the port is not ready for non-developers.  If you think the Wiki is vague, please update it.

If you break these rules, you post could be deleted, or moved to a proper place.  We try to PM people telling them about it, but not everyone has time to do this, and we do not encourage developers to waste time explaining the rules.  


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