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DBM - for Rockbox?

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As Llorean has said, m3u playlist generation is not a rockbox topic, so we should discuss it elsewhere. If you'd like to carry on this discussion, please send a personal message to myself or shayguitarra, and we'll carry on off-line. It is not too hard to add the sorts of playlist features being discussed to the software that I am distributing (, so any further discussion wouldn't just be idle pipe-dreaming.

My program (dbm) is specifically designed for rockbox and has rockbox-specific functionality, in that it creates a static alternative to the rockbox tag database, implemented using rockbox linkfiles. This has the potential for extra functionality, because the database is generated in the presence of an internet connection. It would be very useful to have further discussion regarding the design of this sort of static rockbox database. The rockbox forums would be a convenient place, but perhaps this is still slightly off-topic, as it would still essentially be a discussion regarding the features implemented by a non-rockbox piece of software. If the forum admins could let us know whether they'd like that discussion to take place here or not then that would be a helpful start.

Even if it is (which is somewhat of a topic of discussion of its own) this is the forum for Feature Ideas for Rockbox.

So, assuming it were 100% appropriate for these forums (we don't really have a good policy for 'related apps' yet) it certainly doesn't belong in this section of it, nor does technical support for such an app belong here (as we are not providers of it).

So the only relevant discussion really would really be pointing people at its existence if someone were looking for such functionality, and the documentation and communications avenues made available by its provider, unless we develop a policy on providing support avenues for other peoples' software (which we generally do not do so far).

OK, so just to be clear, anyone interested in discussing using dbm for playlist generation and static database generation for rockbox using online services like, please send me a personal message  (either Myrmornis, or davison att stats dott ox dott ac dott uk), and we can discuss it offline. It would help a lot with improving the software.

General discussion of the concepts is fine. Specific questions about specific tools are different. I think you're missing my points.


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