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Rockbox 3.2 is released!

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Hello friends!

I'm happy to announce that Rockbox 3.2 was just released!

For the easiest install or upgrade path, use rbutil.

If you prefer getting the zip files "manually", go here.

Read up on the most noticable changes done in 3.2.


Damn, I missed the release party. ;)

Oh well... I'll hoist a beer to the new release!

Yay!  ;D

what kind of bugs are in the USB stack, because it mentions that they are there but doesnt tell specific ones!

i was wondering what stuff made it into the v3.2 as far as what was the last build that was part of the v3.2?

like was it r20344 or newer?

basically when did the feature freeze and all that stuff happen because i cant really seem to find it on the website anywhere.


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