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Rockbox participates in Google's Summer of Code 2009

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It is with pleasure I can announce that Rockbox has been accepted as a mentor organization for Google Summer of Code 2009.

If you want to get some idea on projects to work on for Rockbox this summer, skip over to:

And not the least: if you are a student or otherwise want to participate in gsoc 2009, do get in touch with us as soon as possible to start drafting your application and to bounce ideas back and forth in order to create the best possible project for yourself and Rockbox!

Let's make this a great gsoc year for Rockbox!

Sweet, I've been a bit worried that I won't have anything (literally) to do over the summer.  And I've been itching to make something over the summer.  I've read over the list, and have a few ideas, but what is your preferred way of communication, IRC, mailing list, these forums, etc.

Thanks, and I look forward to any correspondence that i can have with you guys.

IRC is the best place to ask.

did you guys know that rockbox was made in Kista in Sweden :o

how do i put a cool little picture on the side like the ones ive seen like this


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