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OK I posted a message here about 30 minutes ago and have deleted it. The problem was my own ineptitude in Ubuntu terminal.

I've run a test in a hard drive folder (my music library on my hard drive is broken down by artist initial so the selection wasn't great) and it's generated playlists in the random folder for each artist. Marvellous!

But when I ran it on my iPod I got the following:

sheamus@sheamus-desktop:~/dbm$ python -i /media/"SHEAMUS'S I"/Media -o dbm-output-folder
dbm version 0.14
2009-03-19 21:21:33   reading contents of music library at /media/SHEAMUS'S I/Media
/AC_DC/High Voltage
/50FootWave/Golden Ocean
/The Uniques/Trojan Rocksteady Box Set (disc 1)
/L7/The Best of L7 The Slash Years
/MC5/Kick Out the Jams
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 669, in <module>
  File "", line 78, in make_mdirs_and_tracks
    dirtracks = map(parse_mutagen_tags, map(readtags, dirpaths))
  File "", line 454, in parse_mutagen_tags
    elif tags['format'] in 'flac':
TypeError: 'in <string>' requires string as left operand

And then it stops.

The selection of problem folders seems fairly random. There are over 1100 artist folders in total.

@shayguitarra: Sorry, that was a bug. Not your fault at all. Should be fixed now. Could you re-download it and try again? (Make sure you clear your firefox cache so you really do re-download it... the new version number is 0.15). I think I must have accidentally uploaded a change that I was half-way through making -- it doesn't support flac yet.

Has anyone seen this? It seems like it can create playlists from your own listening habits, tags etc.

How feasible would it be to create a version that acts like DBM does? That is, create these playlists from the music on your ipod or other media player?


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