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You might find Mirage interesting.

It requires computing a unique ID that can be used to map the songs by similarity. It's excruciatingly slow as a Banshee plugin but it's a good (free) start. Perhaps we could rewrite that in C/C++?


Hi, this program looks fantastic but I can't get it to work.

I think I'm doing everything right. I'm pointing it at my ipod but when I try to run it I get no output, just the prompt. I thought it may have been the size of my music collection so I set up a test folder with a small selection of artists (all tagged through picard) and the same thing happened.

I tried it against a folder on my hard drive, and while it told me it had output the playlists, when I go to check they are empty. It also completed the process in a matter of seconds.

Can you think of anything obvious I'm doing wrong? Or if you need more info let me know.

What format files are you using on your iPod?

My ipod is a mixture of mp3 and ogg. I have flac, mp3 and ogg on my pc. I transcode the flac files to ogg before transferring them to the ipod. When I created my test folder I also made sure that all files had been tagged through picard to give the program a fairly easy test.

@shayguitarra: Could you provide the exact command line you're using, and describe the contents of your test library? What operating system are you using? For testing, a single album by a single artist should be enough, i.e. a toy library like this:

--- Code: ---library/sole_artist/sole_album/track1.ogg

--- End code ---

--- Code: ---python -i library -o output-directory
--- End code ---
ought to work.

I'm sorry that it's not producing any helpful error messages for you. I'm working on a new version at the moment that will be flexible about the way the library is organised, still try to work when musicbrainz tags are missing, deal with compilations / various artist albums better, support flac and mpc, have better error messages, ....


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