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Being Rockbox “playlist oriented”, I thought there is a playlist feature that could actually be very cool.

If one’s  DAP music would have a “public tagging logic” associated (that is, according to what a large number of persons listen to, how they listen to it, etc)  it would be possible to generate playlists with music that goes great together, starting with a specific song you choose, from the very digital music player itself.

OK, itunes did it first for it’s devices (it’s called genius, and it’s of course also oriented to motivate you to buy recommended music), but still, I’ve been using it on an iphone just for the new-way-to-listen-to-your-music feature, and it’s VERY cool. It generates very coherent, yet very “creative” playlist, putting there new and old music that go very good together; often you get to listen to “forgotten” music you have, or generates great music combinations that go far beyond a simple genre filter.

Yes, something like what does; only in this case of course it would be from music that’s in your library. So, if besides transmitting your scrobbled music to, could get to associate to the library inside your DAP (locally), the large public logic tagging, than such playlists could be generated.

I don’t even know if would have any interest in allowing this. I wish I could do more for this idea, unfortunately I don’t have the programming knowledge; hopefully there will be more people interested, and at some point, someone that could technically do it

It sounds like a cool idea for playlist preparation.  But it's also not really a Rockbox idea.  This is functionality for some external application to generate a playlist based on fingerprinting a given set of songs.  Here's one that appears to do what you want.

Edit: Unlocking this for further discussion since it seems I misunderstood something here.

The idea would be to add the functionality to Rockbox, so that such playlists could be generated on-the-go from the device. Of course generating those automatic playlists would require the appropiate logic, and is mentioned as *probably/hopefuly* a feasible example for that logic to be used

Edit: I changed the thread's subject to try and make it clearer

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