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AmaroK - Is automatic album art transfer possible to Rockboxed Sansa e250R


Mainiak Blaniak:
Hi folks,

Been searching and lurking for a while, now it's time for my first post I guess.

I am looking for a way to configure AmaroK running in gnome on Ubuntu Linux 8.04 (Hardy) to automatically include album art when transferring music to my sansa e200R running rockbox.  I realize this is probably more of an AmaroK issuse than strictly a Rockbox issue, but I'm hoping that others in the Rockbox community have run across this and resolved it already.

Currently, all of my music on the PC is filed under \artist\album, and all album art is in 100x100 cover.bmp format in each respective folder. 

I've tried searching this forum, google, the ubuntu forums and the amarok forums for some guidance, but haven't had much luck.  My suspicion is that this goal will probably require an amarok script to accomplish.  My problem here is that I really have no programming experience (the last thing I wrote was in commodore basic 20+ years ago).

If anyone is aware of an amarok script or other solution to this issue, a point in the right direction would be appreciated.  If such a solution doesn't exist, a recommendation on where I could go to get beginner guidance on writing the script would be helpful as well.



Mainiak Blaniak:


Thank you for the link.  I'm not sure how I missed that with my searches, but it appears at first glance that it may be close to what I need.

My apologies for posting a non-directly rockbox related question here. 


Mainiak Blaniak:


Upon further examination, the link you found appears to only handle the conversion and saving to pc of album cover art downloaded by AmaroK, rather than get into the transfer to the player.  I have found several options for getting this far, so unfortunately I'm back to where I was at the initial post.

It appears my failure to find the link you provided was due to a poor choice of search terms on my part (using 'album art' rather than 'cover')

If I am able to progress further on this, I will post what I find.

Here's one script that claims to do what the OP asks, though I have never used it.


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