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WinFF - video hash (trying to convert to Rockbox Sansa e200)


Notary Sojac:
I get this sort of thing when trying to convert any of several different avi's and mpg's using the RB/e200 preset in WinFF. 

Conversion runs without any obvious error messages, file is of the right length and audio is great, but my screen looks like that below. 

Also posted on the WinFF forum but that site is practically dead if the last post dates are any indication, hence I brought my question here as well.

Is that what it looks like on your player, or on your PC?

Notary Sojac:
Damn you know I never thought of that.

I converted a couple of files yesterday on my GF's computer, they showed up perfect on the PC and when I sent them to the Sansa, they played fine too.

So I queued up a whole bunch of avi's on my fast new PC this afternoon, batch converted them all and when I could not play any of them on my PC. figured something was bad about the conversion.  Lo and behold, after reading your message I copied a couple of them over to the Sansa and they are fine.

It must be that there is a codec on her machine which I don't have.  Doesn't seem possible as we both use KMPlayer with (I thought up till now) its default codecs, but that has to be the problem.


Windows comes with a MPEG2 codec which is a bit dodgy.  Even though you installed KMPlayer, the existing codec must have a higher priority.


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