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ANNO 1989:
Was this testing blind?
I mean has someone else changed the songs and you could tell the difference in almost every case?
If not do not belief in this test you were most likely fooled by placebo because it is really unlikely that you can really hear the difference most people already problems with ABXing files around 128K and AFAIK Vorbis is not well tuned for presets over –q 6 which makes it even more unlikely.
If you really could hear the difference you should check more songs if you are not able to ABX others you should report them as problem sample at…

ANNO 1989


--- Quote from: ANNO 1989 on December 07, 2005, 01:32:58 PM ---Was this testing blind?

--- End quote ---

When I tested, the files were randomly named and I tried ~20 different songs from varied artists and genres.  Since I was re-encoding my entire library, I did take several weeks to make this decision.  Throughout the test I consistently choose the Q9 files over the Q6.  The difference was not huge, but noticable to me.  I know this topic has been debated a million times, so I'm not here to continue that argument.  What's most important to me is that the end result was much smaller files (~30% of the lossless source files) with excellent sound quality.

Once the CPU frequency issue is resolved, the quality level of ogg's will be a moot point anyway.  I am very much looking forward to gapless, the customizable wps, and legitimate playlist functionality.  Many thanks to everyone involved in this project!

Just an update for any interested parties - using the 12/09/05 build I am able to play most of my q9 ogg's without issue.  I few still do skip in specific parts though.  Also, for anyone who hasn't yet tried Rockbox - you don't know what you're missing!  It's great stuff!

yeah, i bet its related to the max CPU frequency, which was 90Mhz in prior builds, and is 124Mhz now iirc

Another ogg update...with Lear/lostlogic's recent commit, all of my q9's that I could remember skipping no longer skip.  As always, excellent work!


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