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xp wont recognize studio 20

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I have on computer running WinXP Home Edition, which doesn't seem to have any problems whatsoever. I also have a computer running Windows XP Professional and it too had problems, I managed to resolve them by buying a PCI USB card and using one of those ports for the Jukebox. It still crashed after that, but I managed to resolve that by restarting the PC and then turn the Jukebox on while it was rebooting. When I am finished working with it, I shut down the computer and unplug it.

Thanks Ice I'll give anything a try right now.

Just don't forget to use the drivers that came with the CD, those always worked the best for me. If this trick of mine doesn't work at first, you could try reformating your PC, I did it with my computer several times to figure out how to get this thing to work, I ended up with this method that I posted above. I still stick to it, I never unplug the jukebox when the computer is still running in Windows and I never plug it in when Windows is already running. I've been able to use my Jukebox this way for several months now and so far I've had no problems.

I am having the exact same problem.  When connected to the computer, my system runs very slowly, and my archos sounds like the disk is constantly trying to be accessed (constant clicking noises and such)

I have tried to connect it to other computers, and it works just fine with all of them.  It even works fine when I connect to my computer outside of Windows using  the Jukebox Utility Disk that I found on the links page.  So this is obviously a problem with windows and not my Archos.

I do have the Nforce chipset that archos recommends getting special drivers for, but I've been unable to get ahold of them after contacting their technical support several times.  It was working just fine until recently , so I have my doubts that it is my chipset. 

I have tried everything that I can possibly think of (uninstalling drivers/different drivers/original cd drivers/etc) and I was just interested in seeing if anybody had any input as to my situation.

I've always been pretty happy with my Archos, and I have been even happier since installing Rockbox.  You guys have a great thing going. Rock on!


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