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debug view battery questions


Confused about the debug menu->view battery screen

On the  second debug battery screen (power status:) there is a reference to "external:".  I looked at the source code and some of the other docs and can only assume that this means the external charging voltage.  However, my unit always displays ~5.25 to 5.3 Volts.  This does not make sense if it is the actual external voltage since this should read higher. 

I am running RB v. 2.3 on a JBRecorder v1.

Does anyone know if the ADC port ADC_EXT_POWER is the actual voltage from the power supply plugged into the Jukebox or if it is some other voltage? 

I guess I am concerned that I may have a defective JB and/or power supply.


The external voltage depends on your charger, and if it is charging or not. The external reading isn't very accurate, but I agree that it should show a little more than 5V. Which charger are you using?

I am using the charger that came with the Archos.  The info on the plug indicates that the output is 9V.

Does the charging work?


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