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i see this... "Rockbox 3.1 was released on December 24th 2008" (with a line through it) (

i assume v3.1 is planned for Dec 24th 2008? (but with the line through it i assume that it's not 'for sure' coming out that day but that the devs are trying hard to get it out by then :) )

Basically, yes.

Actually it seems more likely to be on the 25th or 26th due to Christmas interfering (Christmas is celebrated mainly on the 24th in Sweden). I'll update the page to reflect that aim.


--- Quote from: Bagder ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
On Thu, 18 Dec 2008, Thomas Martitz wrote:

> b) I think it's likely that many devs (even though maybe not the ones
> responsible for doing the actual release) will be quite busy around
> christmas and maybe even some days after, so there's a little chance that
> the release will be delayed a bit more.

> c) Establishing the 23rd as a general release day sounds good to me, some
> tradition.

As volunteering release-monkey, I don't think it is a problem to release
basically at any date except for the 24th as I won't have time that day.

I don't think we need to decide date now but instead work on getting this
fixed and if all looks great we release on the 23rd. Or 25th. Or 26th. I don't
even want to "guarantee" that I will do the needed work a specific one of
these days.

It would be helpful if everyone who has anything "major" or "critical" they
want done before the 3.1 release would mention it somewhere so that we know
when we're good to go.
--- End quote ---

so now it's looking like the 23rd or so?


--- Quote from: ThaCrip on December 18, 2008, 12:13:49 PM ---so now it's looking like the 23rd or so?
--- End quote ---

I think it's looking like "23rd or 25th or 26th".

3.1RC (release candidate) builds are now available at


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