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hi, im a newbie to modifying my jbr, didnt release this kinda stuff existed until i needed to do research in order to fix my cracked lcd screen :-[ and i came across this place. i deleted my root directory soon after i got my jbr not knowing what it was :o, and now i want to upgrade to rockbox, how can i retrive the root?

thanks chris

Hmmm, well, you can't exactly delete your root directory. Not without wiping the whole partition clean and then *not* reformatting it. The "root" directory is just the top level directory on your JB - if you click on the drive letter in your file manager (windows explorer?) then you'll be looking at the contents of the root directory.

ah okay, i understand now, lol erm just wasnt quite understanding the lingo :-[ thank you, so how do i go about getting rockbox on my jbr

If you are a Windows user, the easiest way is to download the Windows Installer from the Downloads page. Run it and follow the instructions.


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