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Is Rockbox overwriting the Archos Software?



i'm thinking about to install the ROCKBox Firmware on my Archos Jukebox Recorder 20.
But i'm not sure, if I should try, because first I want to be sure, ROCKBox will not overwrite the original Frimware by Archos. Because I want to keep the warranty, but I think, that's not the case if I delete the original software. What I want to know is, if the original software takes back his place on my Jukebox Recorder, when I remove the ROCKBox software.

I'm waiting for answers, thanks, Bob!

As long as you do not go through the flashing procedure (see the WIKI for an explanation and instructions) then all you need to do to revert to the original Archos firmware is to delete these rockbox materials: 1) the .rockbox folder, and 2) the firmware file itself, e.g., ajbrec.ajz.

Even if you did do the flashing procedure, it is set up to permit you to boot to the original Archos firmware as a fallback (simply hold F1 when you turn it on). There really isn't any reason not to try it. You're not likely to go back to the Archos version once you have. :)


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