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Ver. 3 Don't Do Anything On Recorder 20.

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How am I supposed to know you didn't own it for 6 years, and just finally find and try Rockbox?

Seriously, watch your tone or people (like me) are going to decide you're just trying to troll. You and I both know I can't read your mind, so there's no possible way I could know you'd bought it recently.

Do you know if Rockbox has ever previously been installed on the player, or what official firmware version it is currently running?

I remember the original jukebox (not recorder) had some bug causing the firmware file in the root directory to not be recognized sometimes.  It was as if certain directory entries weren't checked.  I remember putting in other files there as filler to get it recognized.  I can't remember if I put them in before or after putting in the firmware.


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