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JB Recorder won't charge

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from one day of another my JB Recorder 20 stopped charging.
(OK, it felt from a table.  :-\ )

When i plug in the power cable it shows - after initializing - "Archos Jukebox Recorder Batterie Charging" as usual. But after some seconds the "Batterie Charging" vanishes.
When I plug in while the JB is running the plug-symbol vanishes after a few seconds.

In both cases the batteries don't charge !!
The only chance to run my JB is to charge them external.

Has someone an idea how I can fix this ?

Thanks a lot.

I suggest you have a look at this page:

Thanks for the fast reply  :)
Yesterday I openend the Recorder but saw nothing broken.

But with the knowledge where to look after, I will do it again this evening.  ::)


I did it again. The JB is open !
But the two solder joints are not broken. And that's what I mention when the JB is running. There is no loss of batterie-power - at no time.

It is impossible to charge the batteries in the JB - no difference whether the JB is running or not.

 ??? Bruemmel  ???

OK. You could try to replace a chip called MC34063A located below the keypad, on the lower end of the top PCB. Also check that the DC connector isn't broken.


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