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Can't flash 3.0 to replace 2.4 "File invalid.Blocksize too small"

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Boite de roche:
Hi all,

I have extracted the entire contents of the file directly to the root.
It powers up as v2.4
I start the v3.0 with play "/ajbrec.ajz"
I play the file "/.rockbox/rockbox.ucl"
It say:
File invalid.Blocksize too small?"

What does it mean?
Thanks in advance

* Jukebox FM Recorder V1 with 120Go hard drive and v2.4 flashed (which works well). *

I have the same problem with updating to 3.0.

I get first:

--- Code: ---Flash size: 256 KB
Image at 72 KB

--- End code ---

Followed by:

--- Code: ---Checked:
File invalid.
  too small?

Any key to exit
--- End code ---

This is on a V2 Recorder with an upgraded HD after ROLO to 3.0.

Try build r18823 or newer.
--- Quote ---Increase UCL blocksize in order to fix 'blocksize too small' errors when trying to flash rockbox on fm/v2 recorders. Default blocksize is 256KB and our thinned-out decompressor only supports single-block UCL files. 1MB blocksize should be on the safe side.
--- End quote ---

Yes, that fixed it.  Thanks for the heads up, yapper!

BTW, this is one of the flaws that will be fixed in the upcoming 3.0.1 release targeted for the Archos models.


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