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--- Quote from: ENWOD on November 18, 2005, 04:25:10 PM ---I have no problems, although i use Photoshop, then save as a .jpg, i then open that in Paint and save it, no problems doing it that way... :D See if that makes a difference? Perhaps  ???

--- End quote ---

Saving a jpeg from photoshop just to open it in paint and then to save as a monochrome bitmap seems like alot of extra steps when photoshop is perfectely capable of saving as a 1bit bitmap.

But just to see if maybe photoshop is at fault, I used your method, and it didn't help.

I'm wondering if there's a bug in the code in rockbox that handles bmp's and my file has does something that triggers that bug?  i only say this because I saw a comment in the IRC logs (about a month ago) that mentioned that sometimes images got inverted.  Maybe this is a residual bug?

Yes, it is a simplification in the BMP file reader in Rockbox. It assumes that the first entry in the palette is the background and the second is the foreground. Sometimes, the imaging application swap the two, and you end up with inverted images.

Thanks for the reply Linus.

Well, I guess that means that everybody's version of rockbox will interprete the bitmap the same way.  Therefore I won't bother to change it.  (because who really cares if the supporting file is inverted if it shows up correctly?)

So if anyone else uses my WPSes, it'll display correctly despite the inverted bmp file.

I use GIMP for all my photo/image editing and it creates 1-bit BMP files perfectly fine out of the box.


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