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Hey everybody,   I've tried searching the forums many times, and I was unable to find an answer to this question (although I did find this question asked elsewhere.. never answered)

I created a bitmap in photoshop to use in a WPS, and saved it as a 1 bit bitmap.  But when I cued up the WPS on my iriver, the bmp was inverted.. all the black was white & vice versa.  Now it was easy to fix, as I just inverted the colors in photoshop & resaved the bitmap.

My question is.. why is this happening?  When I look at other bitmap files that are included in the new daily builds, or on the wps gallery.. all the bitmaps appear proper in photo software on my computer, and also on the iriver.  Yet my bitmap has to be inverted.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?  If you need to get your hands on my bitmap or wps code, I can post them here upon request, or you can check it out in the wiki wps gallery under PhillipBonnevie.

try opening your .bmp's in MS Paint... and see if there are any regularities.
also you could try saving it as a monochrome bitmap in MS Paint as well...

i can't think of anything else right now!

Was the invert screen thingamajig on? :-\

No, the inverted screen setting is not on.

Well.. I have to create this:

to get this:

I have no problems, although i use Photoshop, then save as a .jpg, i then open that in Paint and save it, no problems doing it that way... :D See if that makes a difference? Perhaps  ???


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