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FM Recorder Flashing problem


I have recently tried to flash my rockbox by playing the rockbox.ucl file after roloing into the latest build.  I get an error that says "File Invalid. Blocksize too small?" and I cannot continue.  Has anyone had this problem or know why this is happening?

I have installed bootbox a while back, and also I had used rombox.ucl previously.  I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.  I don't really want to get into making my own rombox.ucl file now that it is not done automatically, so I am wondering if my previous rombox flash has made it so that I can't install the rockbox.ucl file.  Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.

Try build 18823 or newer.
--- Quote ---Increase UCL blocksize in order to fix 'blocksize too small' errors when trying to flash rockbox on fm/v2 recorders. Default blocksize is 256KB and our thinned-out decompressor only supports single-block UCL files. 1MB blocksize should be on the safe side.
--- End quote ---


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