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Jukebox v2 not showing up in folder list

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I am running windows XP with SP2

I have an archos jukebox recorder 20 gb hard drive/mp3 player. The player seems to work fine plays teh files that are on it but When I attach it to the USB it is recognized and installed but it does not show up in the folder list under my computer so I can not add files to it.

It does (kind of) show up in the system tray
on rollover it says no drives detected
right click shows HITACHI_dkR3daM2P `USB Disk

when I attached the drive I get a USB icon on the jukebox screen
and on windows:
found new hardware
disc drive
your new hardware is installed and ready to use

Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Storage/Disc Management/

The disc shows up with a red circle and a minus sign icon
Disc 1
530.63 GB
Not Initialized

Right clicking and selecting intialize I get a hourglass flash for a second then nothing.

I tried uninstalling the driver and then windows xp recognizes the drive and installs teh driver again

It is strange it says the disk is 530 wouldnt that be nice!

I also have another jukebox recorder v2 but i renamed it to jukebox_Z I wonder if this might be interfereing if the names are the same of drive letters the same

any ideas?

<cricket> <cricket>

no suggestions?

Does anyone think if I switched the hard drive out it might be recognized

I have no idea. However, the "HITACHI_dkR3daM2P" doesn't sound correct. It should be "HITACHI_DK23DA...". Sounds like the hard drive connector might be loose, or maybe the power supply, for example the battery connectors (as usual). It could be the USB connector or cable as well...

but the player works fine if there was a loose connection then the player wouldnt work right?

Yeah, I can't really explain why it doesn't work over USB but works fine standalone.


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