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Problems on Recorder V1 with big disk.


 I have installed a 250gb hdd in my v1 Recorder, but the special build i got for here : cannot see the second partition, i have run the ajbrec.ajz file first. The partitions are both Primary, Fat32 and neither are active. The first Partition is 120gb and the second 115, both are labelled. Can anyone tell me what I may have gotten wrong please.

 Also, I cannot flash the firmware with this build, it says the file is missing. And as well, I tried to build the latest source with the #define HAVE_LBA48 & #define HAVE_MULTIVOLUME options on and the Tagcache option removed, but ran into errors. I don't have the knowledge to fix that, but anyone else should feel free haha.

use the builds from this thread- it works.,28980.0.html



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