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Tim Taylor:
Is there an way to delete flies with Rock Box? I've read a couple posts what say to go to the file manager (On button) but I'm not seing any option for a delete.

What I'd like to see added to Rock Box is a single key delete or even a two keystroke delete.



On iriver at least, in the file browser select the file you wish to delete, hold the joystick down until the context menu appears, select delete and press the joystick, then press the joystick to confirm.

A few keypresses maybe, but at least you won't do it by mistake!

Tim Taylor:
OK, That worked with the Recoder 20. Press on, > into the files, find the file, hold the play button, press play twice.

When you press on the first time to delete a file you are taken to the root directory and not to the song that is playing. After deleting the first file with the above process the player will go to the file that is playing. Then you can press on, hold the play button, press play twice to delete a file every time.

What I'd like to see is something simpler. The second process discribed above would work but you have to go through the first process each time the jukebox is rebooted because the system reverts to the root directory. I guess I could put all the songs in the root and do away with directorys all together.

The reason I'm asking about this is because I use my jukebox while driving. I need a rememberable, simple set of keystrokes that will delete a file without having to look to see what I am doing. I'm sure there are many more that do the same.


Enable the "Follow Playlist" option.

Tim Taylor:
That helped a lot. Now the jukebox goes deletes the song pretty well.

Press on, hold play for a second or so, press down-down, press play-play and delete the song. Whatevers buffered will keep going for a few seconds then switch to the next song.

Now another problem, after deleting the song I'm not real sure the delete screen goes away or if the jukebox switches back to the now playing screen. Like I said earlier, I'm driving while I delete the song. The jukebox is held into the ash tray with a huge rubber band and not real visible. I tried deleting a second song with no luck, which is why I'm wondering if it returned. I've had to turn the jukebox off and restart several times after deleting files.

I'll test this later with the jukebox at home, right now I'm in the middle of a 80 gig upgrade.



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